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Select the question that best describes the foot condition that you would like to know more about. We will send you an E-mail response.

Ask The Doctor

Fill out the form below and we will respond by email to the address you specify. Please select only one question that is closest to what you are experiencing.


1. Does the corner of your toenail become painful and red? Sometimes does some fluid leak out from under the nail?

2. Do your feet get tired? Are you having knee or back trouble?

3. Are you a Diabetic? Are you concerned about the foot health of a loved one with diabetes? Do you want to know more about Diabetes?

4. Does your child toe-in or toe-out? Does your child have knock knees or seem to walk "funny"?

5. Do you have heel pain? Is it especially painful to walk on? How about first thing in the morning or after you have been sitting for a while and then get up to walk?

6. Are you having problems with chronic foot or ankle stiffness?

7. Is there a hard area on the bottom of your foot that is painful to walk on? Is there one or more spots on the bottom of your foot that have little black spots inside the growth?

8. Do you want to know if that hard spot on your toe, or between your toes, that gets red, almost always hurts in shoes and seems to have a core in the center, is called a "corn"?

9. Has the large joint behind your big toe, or little toe, become enlarged, red, painful or inflamed? Is it difficult to walk for any distance, perform in sports like tennis or golf, and is it necessary to remove your shoes after work?

10. Have you had an injury during a sporting activity or felt pain following an exercize routine? Have you had an emergency in the house?

11. Do you have one or more toenails that have any of the following problems -- thick, discolored, crumbly or have debris under the toenail?